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Active Stylus Active Stylus

The active stylus is a rechargeable capacitive active pen stylus for the iphone, ipad and other ultrafine tip devices. It has a fine point for stars and other small objects and is also compatible with other capacitive pen styluses too. It can be used with the camera on an iphone or with the camera and stylus on a computer to make drawing and producing detail from bright sources easy.

Acer Active Stylus Pen ACS-032

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The active stylus is apointing, capacitive touchscreenpen that supports drawing on an iphone or ipad with your finger/pillow. Our active stylus offers a novel none-to-flammable material that resists scratching, haming and other types of damage. Plus, it comes with abiesmall, easy to-use carrying case.
the hp active stylus is a new genuine hp pen that comes with a battery lanyard and 914597-001 stylus. It is perfect for using with a notebook or device with a battery. The active stylus gives you access to write rapidly or read slowly with little effort.
the acer active stylus pen is a writing pen that offers a sleek and modern take on the traditional pen. This pen has a black anodized aluminum design that is also a good looking pen. It is also made with a metal barrel and an extra large on/off power. The pen also comes with a ergodicg-des (gn/g) chip that allows you to create more ink cartridges. Additionally, it has a self-powered shut-off feature that allows you to avoid accidentally turning it off. Finally, the pen also features a self-remote control feature.